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About Rachel Esser

I am a young professional who specializes in writing and public speaking. I am a graduate of the Education program at Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Education degree, minoring in English. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree and Master’s degree in English, paving my way towards eventually becoming a professor. As a writer and educator, I am passionate about creating the highest quality of work and providing exceptional service to clients. Writing and speaking have always been lifelong passions 

of mine, and I have spent many years honing and developing my skills with the hopes being able to use them to help others. I am proud to finally offer superior services online at a very affordable price for all of my clients. I am a dedicated and hard-working professional, and I am looking forward to collaborating with you. Contact me today for a consultation or to ask about the services I offer. 

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

The Sunlight Press

Now Available! 

My flash nonfiction piece "The Hands of the Nurse" is now available in the online magazine The Sunlight Press. Check out the story here.

Discretionary Love

Now Available! 

As of April 10th 2022, my flash fiction story "The Viking Funeral" is published in the new online magazine Discretionary Love. Check out the story here.

Bi Women Quarterly

Last Girl's Club

Now Available! 

I am thrilled to announce that my short story "Sticks and Stones" is included in the Spring 2022 issue of Last Girl's Club. Get your digital or print copy here.

Barkley Sound

Now available! 

My piece "The Therapist" is now featured in the Spring 2022 issue of Bi Women Quarterly. Check out the story here.

YouTube Educational Songs

Check out the channel here

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to create some fun YouTube videos to help educate my students of various grades on different educational concepts. Highlights include The Long Division Rap, Fractions Rap, and Exponent Laws Rap.  

Check us out on Spotify here

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Colten Esser on our musical project Barkley Sound. Our first single, "Small Talk," is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Bandcamp

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Order your copy here

I am proud to announce that I am a  contributor in Chicken Soup for the Soul. Follow the link above to get your copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Clever, Curious, Caring Cat

Educational TikTok

Check out the profile here

My educational TikTok profile also features some songs and rap videos to teach kids about math and science. 

Savannah Smackdown

Bronze Medal Winner from Interpretation Canada 

This was a program I helped to create and perform on behalf of the Calgary Zoo. The program was well-received by audiences and won the Bronze Medal from Interpretation Canada in 2020. 

See the full video here

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